FLIM Systems for Zeiss

This handbook describes the bh TCSPC FLIM systems for the Zeiss LSM 710/780/880 family microscopes (LSM 710, LSM 710 NLO, LSM 7 MP, LSM 780, LSM 780 NLO, LSM 880 and LSM 880 NLO).

It describes the basic FLIM modes of the system, advanced FLIM techniques and procedures, the technical background of FLIM, and typical FLIM applications in biology.

It ends with a list of more than 500 references related to the bh FLIM systems. FLIM systems for the LSM 510, LSM 510 NLO, and LSM 510 Meta are described in an appendix, see page 297.

As supplementary literature we recommend the bh TCSPC Handbook, which presents general information about multi-dimensional TCSPC, photon counting detectors, TCSPC devices, operation modes, and TCSPC applications.

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