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FLIM for Olympus Microscopes

This handbook describes the bh TCSPC FLIM systems for the Olympus Fluo View FV1000 laser scanning microscopes. The systems are based on bh’s proprietary multi-dimensional TCSPC technique. The systems are modular, and a large number of system configurations are available. The fluorescence light may be detected by one, two, or four detectors, or in 16 channels of a multi-wavelength system. Moreover, the systems may use a single TCSPC channel, or several TCSPC channels may be used in parallel to increase the acquisition speed.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The FV1000 FLIM Systems
  • SPCM Software
  • System Setup
  • FLIM Measurements
  • Single-Point Fluorescence Decay and FCS Measurements
  • Data Analysis
  • Applications

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