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Simple-Tau 130-EMN

application notes, data sheet, TCSPC Handbook

Fluorescence Decay of ICG


Compact TCSPC system based on SPC-130-EMN

Standard fluorescence decay recording

On-line FCS recording

Photon distribution mode, Time-tag mode

Fast triggered sequential-recording

Time channel width down to 813 fs

Electronic IRF 7 ps FWHM

High count rate

Unprecedented timing stability

Laptop computer with extension box

Detector Control Module included

Clorophyll Transients



Free Instrument Software
for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP*

* Packages for other windows versions available on request

Online calculation of FCS, PCH, and MCS traces

Online fit of FCS curves

Configurable for different instrument configurations

Easy change between different configurations

Parallel operation of up to four SPC or DPC modules

Online display of curves

Full access to all functions of the boards

One software for all bh TCSPC modules

Page stepping

Accumulation and autosave functions

Oscilloscope mode

Single and repeat mode

Sequential modes

Time tag mode

2D and 3D display modes

3D Curve mode, colour-intensity mode

2D and 3D data processing functions

Loading of predefined setups

Saving, loading, and conversion of photon distributions and time-tag data









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