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bh Introduce Ultra-Fast Hybrid Detector

bh have released an ultra-fast version of their HPM-100 series hybrid detectors. The new HPM-100-07 detector has an IRF width of less than 38 ps, full width at half maximum, including the pulse width of a bh BDS-SM-405nm ps diode laser. The HPM-100-07 contains a Hamamatsu R10467-07 hybrid detector tube together with a preamplifier and the generators for the tube operating voltages in a single compact housing. The principle of the hybrid detector yields excellent timing resolution, a clean TCSPC instrument response function, high detection quantum efficiency, and extremely low afterpulsing probability. The absence of afterpulsing results in a substantially increased dynamic range of TCSPC measurements.

The HPM 100-07 module is operated via the bh DCC-100 detector controller of the bh TCSPC systems. The DCC 100 provides for power supply, gain control, and overload shutdown. The HPM 100 interfaces directly to all bh SPC or Simple Tau TCSPC systems. It is available with standard C-mount adapters, fibre adapters, adapters for the bh DCS-120 confocal scanning FLIM system, and adapters for the NDD and BIG ports of the Zeiss LSM 710/780/880 NLO multiphoton laser scanning microscopes.

For more details please see datasheet on HPM-100 .

February 8, 2017

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