Single-Photon Detectors from UV to IR

Designed and manufactured by Becker & Hickl - bh offers a wide range of detectors including photomultiplier tubes (PMC), hybrid photo detectors (HPM), single-photon avalanche diodes (SPAD) for the visible and IR range as well as multi-channel- and multi-spectral detectors. Time rersolution for the fastest detectors is in the sub-20-ps range (full width at half-maximum of the IRF). The detection range covers the wavelengths from UV to the IR, with time resolution spanning from smaller than 20 ps to a few 100 ps. The detectors are suitable for fluorescence-decay recording by classic TCSPC, anti-bunching, FCS, FLIM, PLIM and other applications. bh guarantee that their TCSPC modules work with any photon counting detector, including superconducting NbN detectors,  and reach the shortes possible IRF width. Please see The bh TCSPC Handbook, 9th edition, chapter 'Detectors for TCSPC'. Choose your detector now:


Hybrid Photon Detectors


Cooled fast PMT Modules


Multi-Channel- / Multi-Spectral Detectors


Single-Photon APDs

(ID-100 / ID-120)

Infrared  SPAD Detector

(ID Qube NIR / ID-230)

Super Conducting NbN Detector

(Scontel Detector)

Wavelength Range / nm 220 – 900 185 – 900 300 – 820 350 – 1000 900 – 1700 500 – 2500
Transit Time Spread typ.Values (TCSPC IRF) / ps Down to 20 130 180 40 150 Down to 18
Detection Efficiency (max.) 45 % at 500 nm 43 % at 350 nm

45 % at 540 nm

80 % at 800 nm 25 % at 1550 nm 85 % from 700 nm to 1300 nm
Size of Active Area 3 mm, 6 mm 8 mm

Linear (0.8 × 16) mm,

Quadratic (4 by 4) mm

20, 50, 500, SMF, MMF SMF, MMF SMF


Hybrid Single-Photon Detectors


Cooled Fast PMT Modules


Small Cooled High Speed PMT Modules


Multichannel TCSPC Detectors

PML-16-1-C / PML-16-100-C / PML-16-GaAsP

Multispectral TCSPC Detectors


VIS Range Single-Photon APD (SPAD)


Large-Area Single-Photon APD (SPAD)


ID Qube NIR Free-Running


Infrared InGaAs/InP SPAD Detector


Superconducting NbN Detector

Scontel Detector
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