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10th Edition of the bh TCSPC Handbook Available for Download

On 1032 pages, the book covers the general principles of classic and multi-dimensional TCSPC techniques, describes detectors and detector principles, and gives an overview of the performance that can be reached with various detectors.

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High-Resolution Multiphoton FLIM Reveals Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Decay in Human Hair

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SPC-QC-104 – 30 Years of TCSPC/FLIM Experience

Multichannel high rate TCSPC/FLIM module with excellent timing precision and timing stability.

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DCS-120 Black FLIM System

New generation of bh’s DCS-120 FLIM system, unprecedented temporal resolution, unprecedented timing reproducibility, high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, and near-ideal photon efficiency

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Next Generation SPCImage FLIM Analysis Software

New generation of bh’s TCSPC-FLIM data analysis software that combines time-domain and frequency-domain analysis.

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USB Detector Control Unit

Power Supply, Gain Control and Overload Shutdown for Up to 8 bh Detectors and Additional High Current Digital Output for Shutter and Filter Control

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Thousands of happy users rely on our unsurpassed FLIM knowledge in their day to day work Thousands of happy users rely on our 30 years of experience in their day to day work Thousands of happy users rely on our world class measurement technology in their day to day work Thousands of happy users rely on our attentive customer service in their day to day work Thousands of happy users rely on our commitment for exceptional science in their day to day work

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We use Becker and Hickl FLIM cards on two-photon microscopy systems for numerous applications in cancer research, immunology, and regenerative medicine. These measurements provide valuable insight into dynamic changes in living systems.
Melissa Skala
University of Wisconsin
We worked directly with Becker and Hickl to select a HPM-100-50 cooled detector for NIR FLIM microscopy which allowed us to increase the sensitivity of detection of our assay significantly to measure FRET in cells, 3D tumor models and frozen tumor sections.
Margarida Barroso
Albany Medical College
Our multi-module Becker & Hickl FLIM / PLIM with hybrid detectors on a confocal macroscanner provides high quality metabolic and oxygenation data on a macroscale. For us, macro-FLIM/PLIM turned into a valuable tool for cutting edge cancer research on spheroids, living mice and patients’ tumor samples.
Marina Shirmanova
Privolzhsky Research Medical University
We have two TCSPC boards and two hybrid detectors from Becker & Hickl, and they are reliable, easy to use and give excellent results for all the fluorescence lifetime measurements we do. You can synchronise the boards, too, and use them for time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy measurements. Nice!
Klaus Suhling
King’s College London
We approached Becker & Hickl with an exhaustive list of requirements for a bespoke, multimodal FLIM platform. They really rose to the challenge and delivered an exceptionally performing system. We’re so excited about the new science it will allow our research community to produce.
Thomas Blacker
University College London

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Metabolic FLIM with Simultaneous pH Imaging

bh DCS-120 FLIM System Records High-Resolution Z Stacks

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Insights into tumor biology with FLIM/PLIM

A Dilettante’s Guide to FLIM/FRET

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Counting Photons Since 1993

Founded in 1993, Becker & Hickl have introduced a proprietary time-correlated single-photon counting principle that made TCSPC more than 100 times faster than the existing devices.

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