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Speaker: Sergei Vinogradov

Oxygen Imaging by Phosphorescence Quenching

In this talk we will review the phosphorescence quenching method for biological oximetry. With properly constructed molecular probes this method provides a quantitative, robust and versatile technique for measuring oxygen in biological tissues.

Speaker: Vladislav Shcheslavskiy

SPCImage NG Software: Fishing Information from FLIM Data

In this webinar by Vladislav Shcheslavskiy, you will learn about various functions available in the software and find out about how to analyze and interpret the data.

Speaker: Steven Vogel

A Dilettante’s Guide to FLIM/FRET

In this webinar I will present a primer on FRET and FLIM basics using minimal math and hopefully generating maximal intuition. My goal is to help new practitioners feel comfortable thinking about the relevant events occurring on a nanoscale and in so doing motivate and empower biologists to consider FLIM-FRET for the powerful research tool it can be.

Speaker: Marina V. Shirmanova

Insights into tumor biology with FLIM/PLIM

The talk covers the basics of cancer biology and gives some examples of the use of time-resolved techniques to visualize the key features of cancer cells. The attention is paid to cancer metabolism, apoptosis, oxygenation, and membrane viscosity. The focus will be on live cell imaging and in vivo studies on mouse tumor models.

Speaker: Ammasi Periasamy

Investigation of Metabolism in Living Prostate Cancer Cells: Two-Photon FLIRR Microscopy

Two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy is widely used to capture auto-fluorescence signals from cellular components to investigate dynamic physiological changes in live cells and tissues. In this talk, Dr. Periasamy will discuss the FLIRR approach for prostate cancer investigation in living cells.

Speaker: Horst Wallrabe

Tales from the FLIM crypt: Optimizing imaging, fitting and analysis of auto-fluorescent NAD(P)H and FAD to measure cellular redox states in live cancer cells

I will present a ‘plain man’s’ guide which hopefully covers most common FLIM questions, which a newcomer to the field might want to have answers for (even ‘old hands’ might enjoy the trip and add to the process).

Speaker: Wolfgang Becker

Metabolic Imaging by Simultaneous FLIM of NAD(P)H and FAD

We describe a metabolic imaging system based on simultaneous recording of fluorescence-lifetime images of NAD(P)H and FAD. We demonstrate the performance of the system at the example of human bladder cells. Normal tissue and inflamed tissue were clearly discriminated from tumor tissue, as was later confirmed by the histology results.

Speaker: Angelika Rueck

NADH/FAD/FMN-FLIM and oxygen PLIM in bioenergetic alterations

The talk covers the basics of time-resolved luminescence microscopy, as FLIM and PLIM and focus on algorithms, used to explain bioenergetic alterations in metabolic imaging. This includes investigations in NAD(P)H FLIM as well as FAD/FMN FLIM. Different oxygenation levels from normoxic to hypoxic conditions will be demonstrated by PLIM.

Speaker: Alžbeta Marček Chorvatová

Investigating environmental pollution by means of spectrally and time-resolved imaging of natural endogenous fluorescence in algae and moss.

In this webinar, we present first studies on how the combined information on spectrally and time-resolved imaging of autofluorescence can help to evaluate the consequences of environmental pollution (pH, heavy metals, microplastics or light exposure) on chlorophyll-producing algae and moss.

Speaker: Wolfgang Becker

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy, Principles and Applications

The lecture will be both for experts and for beginners. It will cover the spectroscopic basics of the method, the instrumental principles, the basics of data analysis, the challenges associated with FLIO analysis, new data analysis principles, and their implementation in bh's new generation SPCImage NG software. Please see more details below.

Get it all: Raman and FLIM combined Correlating FLIM and Raman

This webinar presents combined Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) on a Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope.

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