The Coronavirus-induced situation in Europe improved already a lot. Nevertheless, there still seems to be a longer way back to normal. Especially conferences, workshops, and exhibitions are canceled, virtualized or shifted to the future. In order to remedy this situation we would like to offer you a series of free webinars this summer. Due to the many requests for this -many thanks!- we know you are there, and you are interested in time-correlated photonics applications. Please feel free to register to our webinars and learn more – it’s free of charge, and amazing at the same time…

Upcoming Webinars


Luminescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy: from micro to macroscale.

In this webinar, we present how combined fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime imaging works on different spatial scales. We discuss potential applications of these techniques.

Past Webinars

1 July 2020 - 2:00 PM UTC+2

SPCImage NG Software: Fishing Information from FLIM Data

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