Software for Experiment Control, Data Acquisition and Analysis

Software is an indispensable component of any experiment in science and technology. Becker & Hickl offer data acquisition, data analysis, and experiment control software for all their TCSPC systems and associated experiment control devices. SPCM Data Acquisition Software runs the bh TCSPC and FLIM devices. By including most of the associated peripheral devices it allows the user to assemble complex measurement systems without the need of building experiment-specific software. SPCImage is bh's TCSPC / FLIM data analysis software. It is used in almost any classic TCSPC or FLIM systems. The 'TCSPC Package' includes SPCM, SPCImage, and DLLs for users who need or cannot resist to develop their own measurement software. Moreover, there is software for a variety of special TCSPC measurement and analysis tasks, such as ExpressFLIM, SPCDynamics, and Burst Analyser. For development of LabVIEW applications a LabVIEW library is available.

Choose your software now:

SPCM Data Acquisition Software

Instrument Software for SPC- and DPC Modules

SPCImage NG Data Analysis Software

Analysis Software for FLIM, PLIM, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Decay

TCSPC Package


Instrument Software for SPC-QC-008

ExpressFLIM Software

Fast Online Video FLIM Streaming


Visualisation and Analysis Software of Dynamic Effects


Analysis Software for FCS and cross-FCS


Instrument Software for PMS-800

PMS Package

Instrument Software for PMS Modules
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