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9th Edition of the bh TCSPC Handbook Available for Download

On 982 pages, the book covers the general principles of classic and multi-dimensional TCSPC techniques, describes detectors and detector principles, and gives an overview of the performance that can be reached with various detectors.

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High-Resolution Multiphoton FLIM Reveals Ultra-Fast Fluorescence Decay in Human Hair

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SPC-180NX – 28 Years of TCSPC/FLIM Experience

Excellent temporal resolution, excellent timing stability, high sensitivity, near-ideal photon efficiency, and high spatial resolution in One Compact Module

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DCS-120 Black FLIM System

New generation of bh’s DCS-120 FLIM system, unprecedented temporal resolution, unprecedented timing reproducibility, high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, and near-ideal photon efficiency

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Next Generation SPCImage FLIM Analysis Software

New generation of bh’s TCSPC-FLIM data analysis software that combines time-domain and frequency-domain analysis.

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USB Detector Control Unit

Power Supply, Gain Control and Overload Shutdown for Up to 8 bh Detectors and Additional High Current Digital Output for Shutter and Filter Control

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New FLIM-FRET Technique is Free of Calibration

SPC-150NXX TCSPC system with ultra-fast SPAD delivers 8.7 ps IRF width

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Insights into tumor biology with FLIM/PLIM

A Dilettante’s Guide to FLIM/FRET

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ELMI 2023


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Counting Photons Since 1993

Founded in 1993, Becker & Hickl have introduced a proprietary time-correlated single-photon counting principle that made TCSPC more than 100 times faster than the existing devices.

  • Over 25 Years Experience in TCSPC Applications
  • FLIM Expertise from Electronics to Optics
  • Photon Counting Specialists

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