Application Notes

FLIO Data Acquisition and Analysis

Shifted-Component Model Improves FLIO Data Analysis

    4.4 ps IRF width of TCSPC with an NbN Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector

      Software-Integrated FLIM for Nikon A1+ Confocals

        Metabolic Imaging with the DCS-120 Confocal FLIM System: Simultaneous FLIM of NAD(P)H and FAD

          TCSPC System Records FLIM of a Rotating Object

            New SPCM Version 9.78 Comes With New Software Functions

              Fast-Acquisition Multiphoton FLIM with the Zeiss LSM 880 NLO

                Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM: What are the Options?

                  Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM System with sub-25 ps IRF Width

                    DCS-120 FLIM System Records X-Y Mosaics

                      Ultra-fast HPM Detectors Improve NAD(P)H FLIM

                        Sub-20ps IRF Width from Hybrid Detectors and MCP-PMTs

                          New SPCImage Version Combines Time-Domain Analysis with Phasor Plot

                            Wide-Field TCSPC FLIM with bh SPC-150N TCSPC System and Photek FGN 392-1000 Detector

                              bh TCSPC Systems Record FLIM with Sutter MOM Microscopes

                                SPC Modules Record FLIM with Bidirectional Scanning

                                  SPCM Software Runs Online-FLIM at 10 Images per Second

                                    bh – Abberior Combination Records STED FLIM at Megapixel Resolution

                                      Simultaneous Phosphorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging by Multi-Dimensional TCSPC and Multi-Pulse Excitation

                                        World Record in TCSPC Time Resolution: Combination of bh SPC-150NX with SCONTEL NbN Detector yields 17.8 ps FWHM

                                          80 ps FHWM Instrument Response with ID230 InGaAs SPAD and SPC-150 TCSPC Module

                                            DCS-120 MP System Records Multiphoton FLIM and PLIM

                                              The PZ-FLIM-110 Piezo-Scanning FLIM System

                                                bh FLIM Systems Record Calcium Transients in Live Neurons

                                                  TCSPC Fibre-Probe System with an Exchangeable Tip

                                                    Implantable Fibre-Optical Fluorescence-Lifetime Detection System for in-vivo Applications

                                                      NSOM FLIM with the Nanonics AFM/NSOM System

                                                        An AFM/NSOM System with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

                                                          Zeiss BiG-2 GaAsP Detector is Compatible with bh FLIM Systems

                                                            Mosaic FLIM: New Dimensions in Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

                                                              FLIM and FCS by Pulse-Interleaved Excitation with the Zeiss LSM 710/780 Intune System

                                                                Multiphoton NDD FLIM at NIR Detection Wavelengths with the Zeiss LSM 7MP and OPO Excitation

                                                                  SPC-160 Delivers Linear Intensities in High Count Rate FLIM Applications

                                                                    Multiphoton FLIM with the Leica HyD RLD Detectors

                                                                      Megapixel FLIM with bh TCSPC Modules – The New SPCM 64-bit Software

                                                                        TCSPC at Wavelengths from 900 nm to 1700 nm

                                                                          DCS-120 Confocal Scanning System: FLIM with NIR Dyes

                                                                            DCS-120 Confocal Scanning FLIM System: Two-Photon Excitation with Non-Descanned Detection

                                                                              Combined Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM / PLIM) with the Zeiss LSM 710 NLO Microscopes

                                                                                Spatially Resolved Recording of Fluorescence-Lifetime Transients by Line- Scanning TCSPC

                                                                                  DCS-120 Confocal FLIM System with Wideband Beamsplitter

                                                                                    FLIM of Macroscopic Objects: Imaging in the Primary Image Plane of the DCS-120 Scanner

                                                                                      Microsecond Decay FLIM: Combined Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging

                                                                                        Multiphoton Multiwavelength NDD FLIM with Zeiss LSM 710 NLO

                                                                                          Non-Descanned FLIM Detection in Multiphoton Microscopes

                                                                                            The HPM-100-50 Hybrid Detector: Increased Dynamic Range for DOT

                                                                                              An 8-Channel Parallel Multispectral TCSPC FLIM System

                                                                                                Tuneable Excitation FLIM with the LSM 710 Intune System

                                                                                                  Recording Z Scans with the DCS-120 Confocal Scanning FLIM System

                                                                                                    FLIM Systems for Zeiss LSM 710 Record Z Stacks

                                                                                                      The HPM-100-40 Hybrid Detector

                                                                                                        Recording the Instrument Response Function of a Multiphoton FLIM System

                                                                                                          Non-Descanned FLIM Systems for Olympus FV-1000 and FV-300 Multiphoton Microscopes

                                                                                                            bh FLIM Systems for Nikon C1 Scanners

                                                                                                              Make Life Easier by Using Modern Features of the SPCM Software

                                                                                                                NDD FLIM Systems for Leica SP2 MP and SP5 MP Multiphoton Microscopes

                                                                                                                  FLIM in the FIFO Imaging Mode: Large Images with Small TCSPC Modules

                                                                                                                    Time-Tag Recording: A New Old Feature of the bh SPC Cards

                                                                                                                      Timing Stability of TCSPC Experiments

                                                                                                                        Recording the Kautsky Effect by Fluorescence Lifetime Detection

                                                                                                                          Two-Photon Fluorescence Excitation by Picosecond Diode Lasers

                                                                                                                            Detectors for High-Speed Photon Counting

                                                                                                                              Setting up High Gain Detector Electronics for TCSPC

                                                                                                                                How (and why not) to Amplify PMT Signals

                                                                                                                                  The Event Mode of the PMS-300 Multiscaler

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