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Do you need a quotation?
What Becker & Hickl product fits your application? 

Our application scientists are experts in the field of TCSPC, FLIM and FC(C)S. Please call us (8.00 to 18.00 Central European Time) or contact by email.


Becker & Hickl GmbH provides support for its long living software and hardware products. Below you find information how to proceed in cases when you need support.


Do you experience a software problem?
Our software is continuously extended with new features and corrected for bugs. Please consider updating the software to the latest version:

  • SPCM, SPCImage, DCC: see TCSPC package
  • SPCM DLL and LabView, DCC DLL: see TCSPC package
    (Warning: please check the change log for structural changes. In rare cases your own software might not work correctly after a DLL update).
  • Do you have a questions considering software configuration? Please check the manual of the corresponding software packages.
    For SPCM and SPCImage manuals are included in the TCSPC handbook.
  • Still having questions? Please call us (8.00 to 18.00 Central European Time) or contact by email.


As a first step we recommend to check the chapter “Trouble Shooting” The bh TCSPC Handbook and our FAQ section.

Contacting Becker & Hickl Support via Phone or Email

Please call us (8.00 to 18.00 Central European Time) or contact by email.

In order to provide you fast help our support team will require following information:

  1. What hardware is used? (TCSPC module, laser, detectors, scanning system)
  2. For Becker & Hickl devices: please include the serial number (How to find the serial number?)
  3. Description of the problem: what exactly does not work?
  4. If possible please provide measurement files and screen shots or even videos

Remote Desktop Support

If asked by our support please download the “TeamViewerQS.exe” file below. This file does not require installation.
If you already have a newer TeamViewer version installed:

  • Right click the TeamViewer icon in the task bar and select “Exit”
  • Then execute the download “TeamViewerQS_bh.exe” file.
  • Please send us the displayed “Your ID” and “Password”
  • Please make sure that your institution does not block TeamViewer connections. 

TeamViewer – Quick Support

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