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Advanced TCSPC Applications

Bridge the gap between the instrumental principles of multi-dimensional TCSPC and typical applications of the technique.

Advanced TCSPC Techniques

An indispensable tool for everyone who is confronted with the task of recording low-intensity light signals in the picosecond and nanosecond range.

W. Becker, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging – Applications and Instrumental Principles

Book Chapter in Ecyclopedia of Cell Biology, Elesevier 2023.


W. Becker, Advanced TCSPC-FLIM Techniques

Book Chapter in Karsten König (Ed.), Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, De Gruyter 2018.


W. Becker, Fluorescence-Lifetime Imaging Techniques: Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting.
Book Chapter in L. Marcu, P.W.M. French, D.S. Elson, Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging, CRC Press 2015.

W. Becker, V. Shcheslavskiy, A. Rück, Simultaneous Phosphorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging by Multi-Dimensional TCSPC and Multi-Pulse Excitation.

Book Chapter in R.I. Dmitriev, Multi-Parameteric Live Cell Microscopy of 3D Tissue Models, Springer.

W. Becker, S. Frere, I. Slutsky, Recording Ca++ Transients in Neurons by TCSPC FLIM.

Book Chapter in F.J. Kao, G. Keiser, A.Gogoi, Eds,  Advanced Optical Methods for Brain Imaging, Springer 2019.

W. Becker, A. Bergmann, Lifetime-Resolved Imaging in Nonlinear Microscopy.

Book chapter, in: B. R. Masters, P.T.C. So, Handbook of Biomedicl Nonlinear Optical Microscopy, Oxford University Press, 2008

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