FLIM Systems

FLIM Systems for High-Efficiency Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

As technology leader in equipment for single photon counting, Becker & Hickl offers a wide range of high-grade FLIM systems for laser scanning microscopes since 1998. Techniques of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy have found broad application within the scope of Life Sciences, Clinical Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, Diffuse Optical Tomography, Fluorescence Correlation and more. Using our proprietary multidimensional time correlated single photon counting technique (TCSPC), our FLIM and TCSPC systems are characterized by ultra-high photon efficiency. Thus, scientists, doctors, researchers and other users are able to carry out TCSPC FLIM microscopy, Multi-Wavelength FLIM, Simultaneous FLIM and Fast-Acquisition FLIM easily. Choose from FLIM systems to upgrade one photon and multiphoton microscopes, for confocal or non-descanned detection.

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FLIM Upgrades for Microscopes

FLIM with DCS-120 Scanner

Low Cost 2 – 4 Channel FLIM System

Wide-Field FLIM System




Piezo-Scanning FLIM System

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