Precision TCSPC Systems

Precision Single Photon Counting Systems for FLIM, Fluorescence Lifetime, and Quantum Correlation Experiments

TCSPC, short for time-correlated single photon counting, refers to a powerful analysis method used especially in life sciences and fundamental physics. This technique is used to perform hyper-accurate fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime measurements. As technology leader in equipment for multidimensional single photon counting, Becker & Hickl has been offering a wide range of high-efficiency TCSPC systems since 1993.

Our proprietary multidimensional time-correlated single photon counting process (Multidimensional TCSPC) is an extension of the classic TCSPC principle. Our FLIM and TCSPC systems are extremely sensitive and can deliver information about biochemical interactions on a molecular scale. As these techniques are noninvasive and nondestructive, they can be applied to live specimen, thus they have found broad application within the scope of life sciences in particular.

All Becker & Hickl TCSPC detectors and systems are characterized by their ultra-high time resolution, high count rate and throughput speed as well as extremely low background fluorescence. Scientists, doctors, researchers and other users are able to perform high-efficiency TCSPC with our equipment. Choose from fiber-based, filter-based or multi-channel TCSPC systems with ultra-high photon efficiency to find the perfect instrument for your specific single photon counting requirements.

TCSPC Lifetime Measurement System

Filter-Based Systems
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