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9th Edition of the bh TCSPC Handbook Available for Download

The 9th edition of the bh TCSPC handbook is available for download. On 982 pages, the book covers the general principles of classic and multi-dimensional TCSPC techniques, describes detectors and detector principles, and gives an overview of the performance that can be reached with various detectors. A large section covers the implementation of TCSPC in typical experiments of time-resolved spectroscopy. It describes the measurement of fluorescence and anisotropy decay curves, multi-spectral lifetime experiments, recording of transient fluorescence-lifetime phenomena, the measurements phosphorescence decay curves, FLIM with various excitation principles, high-speed and time-series FLIM, Z-stack FLIM, simultaneous fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM/PLIM), FLITS, and FLIM with special microscope configurations. Another part of the book covers TCSPC applications. It contains chapters on molecular imaging, FRET experiments, autofluorescence imaging, metabolic imaging, clinical FLIM, NIRS and fNIRS techniques, correlation experiments, single-molecule spectroscopy, and FCS. The handbook also contains a large chapter on bh’s new SPCImage NG data analysis software. The book ends with a list of 1283 references related to TCSPC, most of them being applications of the bh SPC devices. Free download please go to ‘Literature, TCSPC Handbook’.

October 13, 2021

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