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bh TCSPC software runs under Windows 10

The bh SPCM TCSPC 64-bit software has passed the test with Windows 10. The full functionality is available: Recording of fluorescence decay curves, sequences of decay curves, simultaneous fluorescence and phosphorescence decay recording, FCS, FLIM at megapixel image formats, time-series FLIM, multi-wavelength FLIM, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, Z-stack FLIM, FLITS, simultaneous FLIM/PLIM, excitation wavelength multiplexing, detector control, control of the DCS-120 confocal scanning system and the DCS-120 macro system, control of user-defined galvanometer and piezo scanners. Single-curve and FLIM decay data analysis by SPCImage runs as usual. For more information please download the bh TCSPC Handbook.

SPCM (left) and SPCImage (right) runs under Windows 10.

August 5, 2015

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