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bh TCSPC software runs under Windows 10

The bh SPCM TCSPC 64-bit software has passed the test with Windows 10. The full functionality is available: Recording of fluorescence decay curves, sequences of decay curves, simultaneous fluorescence and phosphorescence decay recording, FCS, FLIM at megapixel image formats, time-series FLIM, multi-wavelength FLIM, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, Z-stack FLIM, FLITS, simultaneous FLIM/PLIM, excitation wavelength multiplexing, detector control, control of the DCS-120 confocal scanning system and the DCS-120 macro system, control of user-defined galvanometer and piezo scanners. Single-curve and FLIM decay data analysis by SPCImage runs as usual. For more information please download the bh TCSPC Handbook.

SPCM (left) and SPCImage (right) runs under Windows 10.

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