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Four ps Diode Lasers – One Fibre Output

The LHB-104 ‘Laser Hub’ incorporates four picosecond diode lasers of different wavelength, a compact beam combiner, and a single-mode optical output fibre. The lasers can be operated in the picosecond pulsed mode or in the CW mode. Available wavelengths range from 375 nm to 850 nm. Each of the lasers can be selected individually, or a pair of laser can be multiplexed synchronously with the pixels, lines, or frames of an optical scanner. The output power of the individual lasers can be controlled both electrically and optically. Available output power is 20 mW in the CW mode and 0.5 to 3 mW in the pulsed mode, depending on the wavelength and the repetition rate selected. For more details please see datasheet and user manual of ‘Laser Hub’.

Fig. 1: LHB-104 'Laser Hub', front view. Fig. 2: FLIM of Convallaria sample, multiplexed excitation at 488 nm and at 405 nm. Fig. 3 and Fig. 4: Pulse shapes for different power, 405 nm (left) and 785 nm (right). Scale 200 ps / div. Pulse width is from 55 ps to 39 ps (FWHM).

May 12, 2020

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