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DDG-210, Operating Manual

Handbook of the DDG-210 Digital Delay Generator.  The DDG-210 is used to control TCSPC / FLIM experiments as a master device. Timing is referenced to the leading edge of a START pulse. There are 6 signal outputs available on which a sequence of up to 64 pulses can be defined. This sequence is called a cycle. The hardware allows to execute one to 65,535 cycles without interruption or indefinite repetition of the cycle. The polarity of the start and signal outputs is selectable. The device is used for laser multiplexing, laser on/off control for simultaneous FLIM / PLIM recording, and periodic stimulation of the sample in triggered-accumulation experiments.

Keywords: TCSPC, FLIM, PLIM, Laser Multiplexing, Sample Stimulation.


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