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New BDL-SMN Picosecond Diode Lasers

The new BDL-SMN picosecond diode laser familiy features high optical power, short pulse width, circular beam profile, high coupling efficiency into single-mode fibres, and extraodinarily high stabitity. The optical power is stabilised by a regulation loop both in the the picosecond and in the CW mode. The lasers are available for all the typical laser diode wavelengths from 375 nm to 1064 nm. For more details please see BDL-SMN Series.

Left: Optical pulse shape for different laser power. Wavelength version 473 nm. Recorded with SPC-150N TCSPC module and id 100-20 detector. FWHM values corrected for 30 ps instrument response width. Right: Front end of the BDL-SMN laser module with Qioptiq Kineflex fiber coupling system.

January 14, 2014

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