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New SPC-160PCIE TCSPC / FLIM module has PCI Express Interface

The SPC-160PCIE is a PCI Express version of the SPC-160 TCSPC FLIM module. It features excellent time resolution of 2.5 ps rms, a minimum time channel width of 813 fs, and a dead time of only 80 ns. The new module contains the full range of functions of the SPC-160: Single and multiple curve recording, histogram and parameter-tag modes, multi-wavelength recording, FCS, FLIM, simultaneous FLIM/PLIM, multi-wavelength FLIM, and spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM. In combination with bh’s 64-bit SPCM data acquisition software images as large as 2048×2048 pixels can be can be recorded at 256 time channels per pixel. An additional fast counter channel records pixel-intensity data at a dead time of <10 ns in parallel with the FLIM images. For more information please see application note ‘SPC-160 Delivers Linear Intensities in High Count Rate FLIM Applications‘.

Left: SPC-160 Module. Right: BPAE cells measured with the SPC-160PCIE.

August 7, 2016

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