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SPCImage Comes with New User Interface

Starting from software version 5.3, bh SPCImage FLIM data analysis software comes with a new user interface. It takes advantage of the new wide-screen monitor formats to better display bh ‘Megapixel’ lifetime images. The SPCImage panel can be configured by the user; two examples are shown below.

To switch to the new user interface, please open SPCImage without loading data, click into ‘Options’, ‘Preferences’, and select ‘Wide Screen Adapted’, ‘Image Size variable’.

For other new features of SPCImage, please see ‘bh TCSPC Handbook’, 7th edition, page 733, Handbook ‘DCS-120 Confocal and Multiphoton FLIM systems’, 7th edition, page 281, or Handbook ‘Modular FLIM Systems for Zeiss LSM 710 / 780 / 880 Family Laser Scanning Microscopes’, 7th edition, page 225. Please contact bh if you want printed copies.

March 13, 2018

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