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SPCM Data Acquisition Software Controls Ti:Sa Lasers and AOM

Starting from software version 9.76, the bh SPCM data acquisition software controls Coherent and Spectra Physics Titanium-Sapphire lasers. The control software includes also the bh AOM-100 Acousto-Optical Modulator. With the AOM, reproducible intensity control and laser modulation for beam blanking in scanning applications and for simultaneous FLIM / PLIM is obtained. The software automatically adjusts the AOM control frequency to the selected laser wavelength and thus avoids beam shift with the wavelength. For details, please see bh TCSPC Handbook, 7th edition, page 730 or Handbook of DCS-120 Confocal and Multiphoton FLIM systems, 7th edition, page 189.

February 12, 2018

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