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273 ps FWHM TCSPC Response with Hamamatsu H15620 NIR PMT

The new Hamamatsu H15620 NIR PMT module delivers an instrument-response width of < 280 ps FWHM with the bh SPC-150NX TCSPC module. The supply voltage for the detector, the cooler current, and the gain control voltage are available from a DCC-100 detector controller module. In combination with a HFAC-26-1 preamplifier, the DCC-100 provides also for overload shutdown. With its fast IRF, relatively large area, and low dark count rate the H15620 is especially suitable for NIRS and fNIRs and other diffuse imaging tasks in the optical window around 1300 nm. Other applications may be in material sciences, especially in the investigation of novel solar cell materials. For details please see application note.

June 23, 2021

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