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273 ps FWHM TCSPC Response with Hamamatsu H15620 NIR PMT

The new Hamamatsu H15620 NIR PMT module delivers an instrument-response width of < 280 ps FWHM with the bh SPC-150NX TCSPC module. The module fits smoothly into the bh TCSPC systems. The supply voltage for the detector, the cooler current, and the gain control voltage are available from a DCC-100 detector controller module. In combination with a HFAC-26-1 preamplifier, the DCC-100 provides also for overload shutdown. We demonstrate the performance of the detector / TCSPC combination at the example of diffuse optical imaging experiments at a wavelength of 1300 nm.

Keywords: FLIM, TCSPC, NIRS, NIR, Detectors

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