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SPC-150NXX TCSPC system with ultra-fast SPAD delivers 8.7 ps IRF width

A bh SPC-150NXX TCSPC system in combination with an ultra-fast 4-channel SPAD of EPFL, Neuchâtel, delivered IRF widths between 8.7 ps and 9.2 ps, FWHM. These values include the timing jitter of the SPAD, the timing jitter of the TCSPC module, and possible jitter of the synchronisation signal from the light source. The IRF widths are the fastest for any TCSPC / SPAD combination currently known. So far, shorter IRF width has only been obtained by a TCSPC system with a superconducting detector.

For further information please see Application Note.

SPC-150 NXX TCSPC Module with fast SPAD of EPFL, Neuchatel. IRF with femtosecond laser.

March 20, 2023

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