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80 ps FHWM with ID230 InGaAs SPAD and SPC 150 TCSPC Module

The new ID Quantique ID230 InGaAs SPAD delivers an instrument response width of 80 ps FWHM with the bh SPC-150 TCSPC module. To our knowledge, this is the fastest TCSPC response reported for InGaAs SPADs so far. Compared to its predecessor, the new ID-230 InGaAs SPAD also has a much lower dark count rate. For signals of low count rate the dark count rate can further be reduced by selecting a long detector dead time. The detector we tested had less than 300 dark counts when operated with a dead time of 40 µs. Optical signals as weak as 800 photons per second count rate could be detected at high signal-to-background ratio. For more information please see application note ‘80 ps FHWM Instrument Response with ID230 InGaAs SPAD and SPC-150 TCSPC Module‘.

January 22, 2016

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