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bh TCSPC Detects Mouse Behaviour

Cui et al. used a bh SPC‑150 TCSPC module in combination with a fibre-optical system to record Ca++ signals from the brain of mice performing an operant task. The fluorescence of a Ca++ sensor was excited and detected via fibre-optics implanted in the head of the mouse. Concurrent activation of SPNs from both pathways in one hemisphere preceded the initiation of contraversive movements and predicted the occurance of specific movements within 500 ms.

Please see:

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  3.  Application note ‘TCSPC Fibre-Probe System with an Exchangeable Tip
  4. Hybrid Fiber System , Mouse Fiber System and Implantable Fiber Tips

Left: Fibre-optical TCSPC system with fibre probe, BDL-SMN laser, HPM-100-40 hybrid detector, and Simple-Tau 150 TCSPC system. Middle: Exchangeable tip. Right: Connection of the tip to the fibre system by miniature fibre connector.

March 18, 2015

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