Hybrid Optical Fibre System


  • Fibre system, used for fibre-based TCSPC systems
  • Clinical and pre-clinical TCSPC systems
  • Single-Mode Excitation Optical Fiber
  • Multi-Mode Detection Optical Fiber
  • Small Size Implantable Optical Fiber Tips
  • Tip Removable from Fiber System by Miniature Fiber Connector
  • Input Compatible with bh ps Diode Lasers
  • Output Compatible with bh TCSPC Detectors
  • High Detection Efficiency
  • Excellent Sensitivity Down to µW Excitation Power
  • Negligible Background Fluorescence from Fibers
  • Extremely Low Motion Artifacts
  • Fully Compatible with bh TCSPC Systems
  • Single- or Multi-Wavelength Detection


The bh TCSPC Handbook
9th edition, September 2021


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