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DCS-120 FLIM system records X-Y mosaics

With software version 9.76, the control of a motorised sample stage has been integrated in the bh SPCM TCSPC / FLIM data acquisition software. In combination with the Mosaic FLIM function of SPCM, the sample stage can be used to record arrays of FLIM images with the bh DCS-120 confocal and multiphoton FLIM systems. The FLIM system scans an image at one position of the sample, then offsets the sample by the size of the scan area, and scans a new image. The process is repeated, combining the images of the individual frames into a single, large x-y-t data set. Images covering an area of several mm diameter can be obtained with high-NA objective lenses. Compared to a single scan with a low-magnification objective lens, a higher collection efficiency, a higher 2p excitation efficiency, and a higher optical resolution is obtained.

For details please se application note: DCS-120 FLIM System Records X-Y Mosaics

Mosaic FLIM of a BPAE cell sample. The mosaic has 4x4 elements, each element has 512x512 pixels, each pixel has 256 time channels. DCS-120 MP (multiphoton) system. Data analysis by bh SPCImage. Use Adobe zoom function to see image at higher resolution.

November 23, 2017

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