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Can I use the “Latch delay” setting in the SPCM software to delay signals?

In the SPCM software in “System Parameters” in the section “Page Control” there is a “Delay” setting. This setting must be used if a router (HRT-41, HRT-81, HRT-82) or a PML-16 is used. This setting does not delay laser synchronization signals or single photon pulses. If no router is in use the Latch Delay must be set to 0.

SPCM System Parameters dialog: the “Delay” setting in “Page Control” is required for operation with routers and PML-16 detector.

The “Delay” setting in the section “SYNC Parameters” becomes available if a USB Sync Delay Box is connected to the computer and activated in ” SPCM -> Devices -> Sync Delay”:

SPCM dialog: connecting a USB Sync delay box.

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