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Fast-Aquisition FLIM System with 25 ps IRF Width

We present a fast-acquisition FLIM system comprising a single detector, four parallel TCSPC channels, and a device that distributes the photon pulses into the four recording channels. The system features an electrical IRF width of less than 7 ps (FWHM), and a time channel width down to 820 fs. The optical time resolution with an HPM-100-06 hybrid detector is shorter than 25 ps (FWHM). The system is virtually free of pile-up effects and has drastically reduced counting loss. FLIM data can be recorded at acquisition times down to the fastest frame times of the commonly used galvanometer scanners. Fast recording does not compromise the time resolution; the data can be recorded with the TCSPC-typical number of time-channels numbers of up to 1024 or even 4096. Pixel numbers can be increased to 2048 x 2048 pixels. The system is therefore equally suitable for fast FLIM and precision FLIM applications. Fig.1 show a FLIM image of a convallaria sample recorded within an acquisition time of 100 ms. The pixel number is 128 x 128, the number of time channels is 1024. A precision FLIM image of a BPAE sample is shown in Fig. 2. It was recorded within a acquisition time of 10 seconds. The data format is 1024 x 1024 pixels, with 1024 time channels per pixel. For more information please see application note ‘Fast-Acquition TCSPC FLIM system with sub-25 ps IRF width’.

FLIM of a Convallaria sample. Acquisition time 100 ms, 128x128 pixels, 1024 time channels, time channel width 12 ps. Lifetime range 1 ns (red) to 2.5 ns (blue) (left). Decay curve in 5x5 pixel area (right). DCS-120 system with 488 nm diode laser and HPM-100-40 detector.

April 18, 2018

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