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Full Set of TCSPC / FLIM Cards with PCI Express Interface available

bh have released a full set of PCI Express cards for TCSPC FLIM system. The set consists of one or two SPC-160pcie TCSPC / FLIM modules and a DCC-100pcie detector controller. For the bh DCS-120 scanners or for customer-specific galvanometer scanners a GVD-120pcie scan controller can be added to the system.
The system works with all the commonly used confocal and multiphoton laser scanning microscopes, and with the bh DCS-120 confocal and multiphoton systems. It records single and dual-channel FLIM, FCS, multi-wavelength FLIM, Z-stack FLIM, lateral mosaic FLIM, ultra-fast time-series FLIM and, for the DCS-120 system, simultaneous FLIM/PLIM. Online FLIM is available up to an image rate of about 10 images per second. The system is using 64-bit data acquisition software. Images as large as 2048×2048 pixels and 256 time channels can be recorded. The electronic time resolution of the SPC-160pcie is 2.5 ps rms, the minimum time channel width is 813 fs.

Please click here for data sheet of SPC-160pcie.

For general information about the bh TCSPC FLIM systems and their applications in life sciences please see bh TCSPC Handboook.

SPC-160PCIE, DCC-100PCIE and GVD-120PCIE (left to right).

December 16, 2016

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