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NDD FLIM Systems for Leica SP2 MP and SP5 MP Multiphoton Microscopes

bh FLIM systems for the confocal and the multiphoton versions of the Leica SP2 and SP5 microscopes are available since 2002. These systems use the X1 port of the SP2 or SP5 scan head. The multiphoton FLIM versions have now been complemented with non-descanned detection systems. Compared with detection through the confocal beam path non-descanned detection yields a considerably higher efficiency for deep sample layers. Moreover, the use of novel GaAsP hybrid detector allows you to combine nondescanned detection with SPAD-like sensitivity. The NDD FLIM detectors are attached to the reflected light (RLD) port of the microscope. The FLIM electronics is contained in an extension box of a laptop computer. The FLIM data acquisition is controlled by the scan clock signals of the microscope. Because no changes in the microscope hardware or software are required the NDD FLIM systems are easy to install on any Leica SP2 or SP5 MP microscope.

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