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Megapixel FLIM – the New 64 bit SPCM Software

Becker & Hickl have recently introduced version 9.60 of their SPCM TCSPC data acquisition software. SPCM version 9.60 not only runs on 64‑bit computers, it is a real 64-bit application. It thus takes full advantage of the capabilities of 64-bit Windows. The most significant one is that a large amount of memory can be addressed. As a result, FLIM data can be recorded with unprecedented numbers of pixels and time channels. Moreover, the large memory space allows multi-dimensional FLIM procedures to be used without compromising spatial resolution. Multi-spectral FLIM can be recorded at unprecedented spatial resolution, the image area can be increased by spatial mosaic recording, Z stacks can be efficiently acquired without the need of intermediate data save actions, and fast time series of FLIM data can be accumulated. For more details please see application note ‘Megapixel FLIM with bh TCSPC Modules‘.

Z-stack recorded by Mosaic FLIM. Pig skin stained with Indocyanin Green. Zeiss LSM 7 MP OPO system, 16 planes from 0 to 60 μm from top of sample, each plane 512x512 pixels, 256 time channels. Amplitude-weighted lifetime of double-exponential decay.

October 13, 2014

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