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New TCSPC module has < 1.1 ps timing jitter

bh’s new SPC-150NXX TCSPC module targets high-resolution applications with utra-fast detectors. The internal timing jitter is < 1.1 ps RMS, the electrical IRF width is < 3 ps FWHM. Minimum time-channel width is 203 fs. Please see SPC-150NXX data sheet. With a single-nanowire superconducting NbN detector the module has achieved an overall system IRF of 4.4 ps FWHM, please see application note. In addition to the short IRF the SPC-150NXX has an extraordinarily high IRF stability. For a series of IRFs recorded over 100 seconds, the variance in the IRF centroid is < 0.4 ps. The SPC-150NXX offers the full set of functions of the bh SPC-150 family. There are internal-histogramming modes and parameter-tag modes, sequential recording modes, FLIM, FCS, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, and simultaneous FLIM-PLIM. The modules come with bh’s SPCM data acquisition software. For data analysis bh’s SPCImage software is available.

For details please see The bh TCSPC Handbook.

Figures: Left: Electrical IRF. Full width at half-maximum is 2.8 ps. Middle and right: IRF stability. Series of 100 IRFs recorded over 100 seconds. Display in curve mode (middle) and colour-intensity mode (right). Horizontal: TCSPC time axis, bar indicates time scale. Vertical: Time into recording sequence.

April 29, 2019

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