HPMCON-02 FLIM Signal Converter

Frequency-to-Analog Converter for PMT Pulses

  • Converts the density of photon pulses into analog signal
  • Used in hybrid LSM systems with TCSPC FLIM
  • Input Pulse Amplitude -30 mV to -200 mV
  • Input Pulse Width Down to 500 ps
  • Inserts Directly in Detector Output Pulse Line
  • Compatible with bh PMT Modules and Hybrid Detectors
  • Input Pulse Rate Up to 107 Pulses Per Second
  • Output Voltage Range 0 V to +4.9 V
  • Power Supply ±5 V from bh SPC or DCC Module



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


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