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Ultra-Fast Version of SPC-180 TCSPC / FLIM Module Available

The new -NXX version of the SPC-180 TCSPC / FLIM module features ultra-high time resolution and ultra-high timing stability. The internal IRF with is 2.8 ps full width at half maximum (fwhm), or 1.1 ps rms. IRF stability is better than 0.4 ps over 100 seconds. Decay data can be resolved into 4096 time channels, with a  minimum channel width of 202 femtoseconds. The module offers the usual modes for recording temporal waveforms of optical signals, sequential recording, time- and parameter-tag recording, FLIM, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, triggered accumulation of fast time series of curves and images, and simultaneous FLIM / PLIM. Pixel numbers in the FLIM mode can be as high as 4096 x 4096, pixel rates can be in the MHz range. A high-speed PCI Express interface provides for high data throughput at high photon rate and pixel rate. For details please see SPC-180 NXX data sheet and bh TCSPC Handbook, 9th edition.

January 20, 2022

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