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Two-Photon FLIM with a Small Femtosecond Fibre Laser

The new compact DCS-120 MP FIBRE system uses the Becker & Hickl DCS‑120 MP multiphoton TCSPC / FLIM system in combination with a Toptica FemtoFibre smart 780 femtosecond fibre laser. The laser delivers femtosecond pulses at 783 nm, 80 MHz repetition rate, and 125 mW average power. We show that the laser power is sufficient to obtain high-resolution images in all the commonly performed FLIM applications. We demonstrate the performance of the system for label-free (autofluorescence) imaging of tissue, label-free imaging of cells, FLIM of ultrafast fluorescence decay in biological material, and FLIM of fluorophore-labelled cells and tissues. With its small size and its capability to record label-free FLIM images the system is also an excellent choice for metabolic FLIM applications in medicine.

October 20, 2023

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