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SPC-QC-104 Three-Channel TCSPC / FLIM Module Released

The new SPC-QC-104 TCSPC / FLIM module has three parallel TCSPC / FLIM channels or four absolute timing channels on a single PCI-express board. The module features high temporal and spatial resolution, high peak count rate, and extraordinarily high timing stability. The electrical IRF width is less than 50 ps FWHM; the timing jitter is about 20 ps RMS. The timing stability over 10 minutes is better than 5 ps RMS, including a bh BDS-SM ps diode laser and a bh HPM-100-06 detector. The peak count rate is on the order of 80 MHz per channel. The module runs on bh’s SPCM data data acquisition and control software under Windows 10 and Windows 11. SPCM offers the usual operation modes for recording temporal waveforms of optical signals, sequential recording, time- and parameter-tag recording, FLIM, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, triggered accumulation of fast time series of curves and images, and simultaneous FLIM / PLIM. Pixel numbers in the FLIM mode can be as high as 4096 x 4096, pixel rates can be in the MHz range. Data analysis is performed by bh’s SPCImage NG software. For more information please see SPC-QC-104 Product description and SPC-QC-104 data sheet.

June 29, 2022

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