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The HPM-100-40 Hybrid Detector

The bh HPM-100 hybrid detector module combines a Hamamatsu R10467-40 GaAsP hybrid PMT tube with the preamplifier and the generators for the PMT operating voltages in one perfectly shielded housing. The principle of the hybrid PMT in combination with the GaAsP cathode of the R10467-40 yields excellent timing resolution, a clean TCSPC instrument response function, high detection quantum efficiency, and extremely low afterpulsing probability. The virtual absence of afterpulsing results in a substantially increased dynamic range for fluorescence decay recordings. FCS curves down to 100 ns correlation time can be obtained from a single detector, without the need of cross-correlation. The HPM-100 module is operated via the bh DCC-100 detector controller of the bh TCSPC systems.

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