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DCC-100, Operating Manual

The DCC-100 module is used to control detectors in conjunction with bh TCSPC devices and other photon counters. It can be used to control the gain of the Hamamatsu H7422, H5783, H6783 or similar photosensor modules by software. The gain of MCPs and PMTs can be controlled via the FuG HCN-14 high voltage power supply. In conjunction with bh preamplifiers, overload shutdown of the detectors can be achieved. Furthermore, the DCC-100 delivers the current for thermoelectric coolers, e.g. for the Hamamatsu H7422. High current digital outputs are available for shutter or filter control. The DCC-100 is a PCI module for IBM compatible computers. It works under Windows 10 and 11.

Keywords: TCSPC, FLIM, Detectors, Detector Control, Overload Protection

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