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BDS-SM and BDS-MM Picosecond Diode Lasers, Operating Manual

The manual describes the general features and parameters of the BDS-SM and BDS-MM picosecond diode lasers, shows typical pulse shapes for different wavelength and different output power, describes the control signals for laser power, repetition rate, on/off switching, and multiplexing control. The internal power-regulation loop is described as well as the function of the external-trigger input, its activation, and its interaction with the optical pulse parameters.
A second part informs on the use of the LSB-C switch boxes, both for manual control of the lasers and for software control via the DCC-100 and DCU-100 detector / laser controller devices.
A third part demonstrates the use of the BDS-SM laser in standard fluorescence-decay experiments, fluorescence-decay measurement with laser-wavelength multiplexing, simultaneous fluorescence / phosphorescence lifetime measurement, simple lifetime imaging systems with piezo stages, and complex confocal scanning systems with fast scanning galvanometer mirrors.

Keywords: Picosecond Diode Lasers, TCSPC, FLIM, PLIM

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