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PML-16C, PML-16 GaAsP, PML-Spec and MW FLIM, User Manual

The PML-16-C and PML-16-GaAsP devices are 16-channel detectors for use with the bh TCSPC devices. Signal recording is based on bh’s multi-dimensional TCSPC technique. For every photon, the detector delivers a photon timing pulse and the number of the channel that detected the photon. From this information, the TCSPC module builds up a photon distribution over the time of the photons in the signal period and the channel number. The results is a set of individual optical signal waveforms for the 16 channels of the detector.

59 pages, 99 references

Keywords: TCSPC, FLIM, Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Dimensional TCSPC, Molecular Imaging, FRET, Metabolic Imaging

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