Remote Control for SPCM and FLIM Integration in Zeiss Zen

Zeiss ZEN software and bh SPCM sofware combined by SPCConnect
  • Remote Control Feature for Other Programs to SPCM on Same PC or via Network
  • Integration of FLIM in Zeiss Zen
  • Enabling Advanced Data Analysis via SPCImage NG
  • LabVIEW and Python Wrapper Available

SPCConnect Requires a Valid Licence Key to Run. Inquire Now!



SPCConnect combines bh SPCM software to any other software via a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) interface. Practically, that means SPCM is running in the frame of any own software, with both software components freely exchanging commands, system parameters, and data. Compared to an integration on the DLL level TCP integration has the advantage that, in addition to basic FLIM, functions like Z-stack recording, time-series recording, fast triggered accumulation, FLITS, and simultaneous FLIM / PLIM are available. Moreover, upgrades on either side become immediately available to the user.



The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


Supported Products

  • SPCM Data Acquisition Software

    SPCM Data Acquisition Software

  • SPCImage NG Data Analysis Software

    SPCImage NG Data Analysis Software

  • bhPy


  • FLIM Systems for Zeiss LSM 710 / 780 / 880 / 980

    FLIM Systems for Zeiss LSM 710 / 780 / 880 / 980

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