SPCM Data Acquisition Software

Instrument Software for SPC- and DPC Modules

SPCM Software, FLIM, Two Intensity Images
  • Multifunctional 64-bit Data Acquisition Software
  • Recording of Multi-Dimensional TCSPC Results and Time-Tag Data
  • Control of Multi-Dimensional Recording Features
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Acquisition of Decay Curves, FCS, MCS Traces, FLIM and PLIM Images
  • Online Calculation and Display of FLIM, PLIM, FCS, PCH, MCS Traces and Fit of FCS Curves
  • Different Operation Modes Available
  • Measurement Control of Up to 4 Modules
  • Configurable for Different Instrument Configurations
  • Accumulation and Autosave Functions
  • Integrated Scanner Control
  • Saving, Loading and Conversion of Photon Distributions, Images and Time-Tag Data
  • Saving and Loading of Results and System Parameters
  • Integrated Control of Ti:Sa Lasers
  • Integrated Control of Motor Stages

For details please see The bh TCSPC Handbook, chapter 'SPCM Software'.




All bh TCSPC devices use the same SPCM data acquisition software. The software operates up to four parallel SPC modules. Data and setup parameters can be freely exchanged between different TCSPC devices. Upgrading an experiment with a more advanced TCSPC module, or adding more TCSPC modules to the same experiment therefore does not require new instrument software or entirely different setup parameters. Moreover, the data recorded before and after upgrading an instrument remain compatible.

The user interface of the SPCM software is configurable. Thus, the software can be adapted to totally different experiments, or different operation modes within the same experiment. The user can change between different instrument configurations by a single mouse click.

Since 2014 the SPCM software is available in a 64-bit version for Windows 64-bit. In the 64-bit environment, a much larger amount of memory can be addressed. As a result, ‘Megapixel’ FLIM images can be recorded, and new functions like spatial and temporal Mosaic FLIM or simultaneous FLIM/PLIM are available. Recent SPCM versions are also able to calculate FLIM images online during the measurement, record FLIM with bi-directional scanning, and control external devices like motor stages, Ti:Sa lasers, and an AOM.




The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


Supported Products

  • SPC-130IN Series

    SPC-130IN Series

  • SPC-180N Series

    SPC-180N Series

  • SPC-QC-004 Module

    SPC-QC-004 Module

  • SPC-QC-104 Module

    SPC-QC-104 Module

  • bhPy


  • SPCConnect


Please see Application Chapters in The bh TCSPC handbook: Non-Scanning TCSPC Applications, Time-Resolved Laser Scanning Microscopy, FLIM with Special Scanning Techniques, Biological FLIM Applications, Diffuse Optical Tomography, Picosecond Photon Correlation, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy, Time-Resolved Single-Molecule Spectroscopy.

Control of

  • Up to 4 bh SPC or DPC Modules
  • bh FASTAC FLIM System
  • bh DCS-120 Confocal and Multiphoton FLIM System
  • bh DCC-100 Detector Controller
  • bh GVD-120 Scan Controller
  • Motor Stages
  • bh ps Diode Lasers
  • Ti:Sa Lasers

Acquisition of

  • Classic TCSPC Photon Distributions
  • Multi-Dimensional Photon Distributions
  • Time- and Parameter-Tagged Single-Photon Data
  • Single Decay Curves
  • Multi-Detector and Multi-Wavelength Decay Curves
  • Time-Series of Decay curves
  • Unlimited Time-Series (Continuous-Flow Recording)
  • Arrays of Decay Curves for Multi-Channel Detectors
  • FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging) Data
  • Multi-Wavelength FLIM Data
  • Time-Series FLIM Data
  • Spatial (x-y-z) Mosaic FLIM Data
  • Triggered Accumulation of temporal Mosaic FLIM Data
  • Simultaneous FLIM/PLIM Data
  • FCS, FCCS Data
  • Simultaneous FCS, FCCS and Decay Data
  • Time Traces of Intensities

Measurement Control by

  • Cycle and Repeat Function
  • Time-Controlled Repeat Function
  • Triggering of Cycles and repeat Functions
  • Autosave Function

Online Display of

  • Decay Curves, Up to 16 Simultaneously
  • Multi-Wavelength Decay Curves
  • Arrays of Decay Curves for Multi-Channel Detectors
  • Subsets of Multi-Dimensional TCSPC Data
  • Time-Series of Decay Curves
  • Intensity Images
  • FLIM Images
  • Combination of FLIM Images of Several TCSPC Channels
  • Decay Curves of Selected Points or ROIs of FLIM Images
  • Multi-Wavelength FLIM Images
  • Mosaic FLIM Images
  • FCS and FCCS Curves
  • Intensity Time-Traces

User Interface

  • configurable by User
  • List of Configurations Stored in Predefined Setup List
  • Configuration Loaded by Single Mouse Click

Data Processing

  • Online Calculation of FLIM Images and Correlation Curves
  • Online Delay Correction for Multi-Channel Detectors
  • Automatic Communication wit SPCImage Analysis
  • Data Manipulation Functions For Curves and Images

Load and Save Functions

  • Loading of Setup and Configuration Data from Predefined Setups List
  • Loading of Setup, Configuration and Measurement Data from Files
  • Saving of Setup, Configuration, and Measurement Data
  • Import and Export Functions

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