DCU-400 / DCU-800

Detector Control Unit
  • Control of Detectors and Lasers
  • DCU-400: Control and Power Supply for Four Lasers or Detectors
  • DCU-800: Control and Power Supply for Eight Lasers or Detectors
  • Overload Protection of Detectors
  • +12 V, +5 V and -5 V Power Supply for Lasers, Detectors, and Preamplifiers
  • Operation of Thermoelectric Coolers
  • High Current Digital Outputs for Shutter and Filter Control
  • Software for Windows 8/10
  • Integrated in SPCM TCSPC Instrument Software
  • Works with all bh Photon Counting Cards
  • USB Interface
  • Simple +19 V Power Supply

The bh TCSPC Handbook
9th edition, September 2021


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