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DCS-120 MACRO System Runs Fast FLIM

The bh DCS-120 MACRO scanner can now be combined with bh’s FASTAC fast-acquisition FLIM system. The system uses confocal scanning of an image area as large as 15 x 15 mm, and FLIM recording in four parallel SPC-150N TCSPC modules. Image formats are from 64 x 64 pixels up to 2048 x 2048 pixels, with up to 1024 time channels. Images of 256 x 256 pixels can be recorded within less than 0.5 seconds, images of 512 x 512 pixels within less than 2 seconds. Importantly, the system reaches high count rate and short acquisition time without compromise in time resolution. FLIM data can still be recorded at sub-ps time channel with and sub-25 ps IRF width, thus fully exploiting the superiour time resolution of the bh TCSPC FLIM modules and ultra-fast hybrid detectors. It is therefore equally suitable for fast FLIM and precision FLIM applications. Moreover, multi-dimensional recording techniques like temporal mosaic FLIM, FLITS, and simultaneous FLIM/PLIM remain available.

For more information please see:

  1. Application note: Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM System with sub-25 ps IRF Width.
  2. DCS-120 confocal and multiphoton FLIM systems, user handbook, 7th edition (2017)

DCS-120 MACRO with FASTAC FLIM system and FLIM image with 512 x 512 pixels

December 3, 2018

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