• Fast-Aqcuisition FLIM
  • Based on bh´s Multi-Dimensional TCSPC Technique
  • Works with any Fast Confocal or Multiphoton Scanning System
  • Acquisition Times Down to 100 ms
  • Ultra-High Time Resolution
  • Peak Count Rates Exceeding 20 MHz
  • IRF Width incl. Sync and Detector <25 ps
  • Time Channel Width Down to 405 fs
  • Image Sizes from 128 x 128 Pixels to 2048 x 2048 Pixels
  • Number of Time Channels per Pixel Up to 4096
  • Equally Capable of FAST Acquisition FLIM and Precision FLIM

Technical Literature:

Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM System with sub-25 ps IRF Width

Fast-Acquisition TCSPC FLIM: What are the Options?

Fast-Acquisition Multiphoton FLIM with the Zeiss LSM 880 NLO







The bh TCSPC Handbook
10th edition, September 2023


  • Samples with High Fluorophore Concentration
  • Discrimination of Fluophores by Lifetime
  • Fast Recording of Spatial FLIM Mosaics
  • Fast Imaging of Macroscopic Objects
  • Recording of Physiological Effects


The photon pulses from the detector are passing a constant-fraction discriminator, CFD. The output pulses of the CFD have a constant width and a time independent of the pulse amplitude of the detector pulses. The pulses from the CFD control a four-way switch that distributes the pulses to four TCSPC modules. Every photon pulse from the CFD rotates the switch by one position. By passing a delay line of approximately 1 ns, every photon arrives at the switch a short time after the switching action has been completed. A possible switching transient has no influence on the timing: The sum of the photon pulse and the switching transient is the same for all photons. It is also independent of the time of the photon in the laser pulse period. Consequently, the FASTAC system delivers TCSPC-typical time resolution, timing accuracy, and timing stability. The system is therefore equally suitable for fast-acquisition FLIM and for precicion FLIM applications.

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