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DCS-120 Confocal FLIM System with Wideband Beamsplitter

The use of a wide range of excitation wavelengths in a confocal laser scanning system leads to a number of design problems. The most critical one is connected to the main dichroic beamsplitter that separates to fluorescence signals from the excitation beam. For use with several lasers the beamsplitter must either be switchable or tuneable, or a multiband dichroic must be used. The result is either alignment instability, or spectral gaps in the fluorescence detection channels. We developed a version of the DCS-120 confocal FLIM scanner that bypasses most of these problems by using a wideband beamsplitter. The design allows the user to switch lasers without compromising alignment stability. The sensitivity of the system is sufficient to record autofluorescence images of single cells.

Keywords: FLIM, Confocal FLIM, Wideband

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