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Zeiss BiG-2 GaAsP Detector is Compatible with bh FLIM Systems

We tested the Zeiss BiG-2 GaAsP detector in combination with the bh TCSPC FLIM systems. The outputs of both detector channels were connected to the inputs of a Simple-Tau 152 (SPC-152) dual-channel TCSPC FLIM system via A-PPI-D pulse inverters. The BiG-2 detector was used both at the NDD port of a multiphoton microscope and at the confocal port of a one photon microscope. In both cases FLIM data were obtained at a sensitivity comparable to the bh HPM-100-40 GaAsP hybrid detectors. The IRF width was 250 ps (FWHM). The decay data were clean, without optical or reflections or leakage of excitation light. The high detection efficiency and the absence of laser background was confirmed by FCS experiments.

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